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public static string TruncateDecimal(this string source)
    return source.Contains('.') ? source.Substring(0, source.IndexOf('.')) : source;

When a Decimal Data Type is converted to a string using ToString(), the string contains the decimal and any fractional values to the right of the decimal place.  For example ‘1.00’ and to remove ‘.00’ we have the above string extension. You’ll see how this comes into play shortly.

Get the Greatest Common Devisor given both the Numerator and Denominator

Note: The order of input m and n does not effect the result.

Notice the ‘Worker’ method is left private since I wanted to force the removal of any decimal values following the decimal place.  In doing this I did not want something which was only necessary once to be in the recursive method.

Reduce a Fraction given both the Numerator and Denominator

Note: The order of input m and n does not effect the result.

This method is pretty straight forward by finding the largest value both the numerator and denominator can be divided by and doing so.  The method has made it mandatory to remove factional data since this will skew the output.

Now the conversion methods.

Convert a Decimal Data Type to a String Fraction

The first method is the base method performing all the work.  It allows the consumer to have access to all the components of a fraction.  The second method is nothing more than a friendlier approach to using the conversion.

DecimalToFraction takes a simple approach.  If given a decimal value of .0625, it performs the following transformation:

.0625 = .0625/1 =  .625/10 = 6.25/100 = 62.5/1000 = 625/10000 = 1/16

In order to protect from a value exceeding the upper bounds of a decimal we perform a pseudo look-ahead by dividing decimal.MaxValue by 10 since we are incremented both the numerator and denominator by 10.  10 is our magic ratio.

Couple key notes: x/0 returns null, x returns x/1.

Find the String Denominator from a Decimal Data Type

If you recall I needed to validate if the denominator was a power of 2.  In order to perform this I need access to the denominators value.  This method is nothing more than yet another entry point to use DecimalToFraction.

Convert a String Fraction to a Decimal Data Type

FractionToDecimal uses a regular expression to ensure it receives a string composing of four parts composed of ‘sign’, ‘numerator’, division symbol ‘/’ and ‘denominator’.  If it does not receive a correct fraction it returns null.

Is a Decimal Data Type a Power Of Two

I had to be a little creative and take the more “manual” approach for this method.  There are certainly a lot more clock cycles used compared to bit shifting but again since we are using floating point precision that is not an option.  However consider this, using this method there are so few power’s of two that are within the range of a decimal data type you can step through all of them yourself quite quickly.

Never the less, the idea is to start at 2^0 = 1 and in the loop check if the powerOfTwo value matches the passed in value (n).  If not, move to the next power by multiplying by 2 (e.g. 1 * 2 * 2 * 2…).  In order to not exceed the maximum value a decimal can hold, the while loop condition makes a check to not exceed decimal.MaxValue / 2 – 1.  The –1 is due to rounding when dividing by 2.

Why not create a generic Power Method?

Here is an example of a method I could have used inside the IsPowerOfTwo method above.

Perhaps it might seem more obvious now in using a method such as this.  For each iteration of the powerOfTwo while loop it would recalculate all the previous powers of two.  Therefore our Big-O would be exponential and that would be bad programming.  However for any other use, a method like this would be great.

That’s it!  Now you can wrap this into a public static class and you are good to go.

Bonus: Find the Closest Power of Two given an Integer Value

I used this in a mock up but perhaps some reader will find this useful to modify and create their own.

The strategy here is to cycle through each power of two until we find the one after and before our input value (n).  Then determine which is closest and return that power of two.  I would recommend two possible changes.  Validate the boundaries for the values used.  Next, would it make more sense for you to return the actual power of two value compared to only return the power?

Thanks for reading.  Happy Coding!!

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