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<add name="MyDatabase" connectionString="..." providerName="MySql.Data.MySqlClient"/>

Here, we have a reference to an Assembly Namespace which does not exist.

The method to use this first approach is as follows:

  1. no prescription isotretinoin and install MySQL Connectors.
  2. Copy installed .NET Connector from “C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETassemblyGAC_MSIL” to your project ~bin folder.

    best place to buy accutane online uk
    Now would be a good time to right click each file, choose ‘Properties’, under the ‘Details’ tab and note the version number. In the below image we’ll note my ‘Product version” of “” which we’ll set in the Web.config file in a moment. Remember, your version might be different as this is the latest at the time of this post.
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  3. Within Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer, highlight your project and select ‘Show All Files’. Within the ‘bin’ folder right click each MySQL.*.dll and select ‘Include In Project’. Then, right click each again and select ‘Properties’ where you’ll change the ‘Copy to Output Directory’ to ‘Copy always’.
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  4. Add project reference if calls are made in code.
  5. Modify the Web.config

That’s it, Publish and Deploy.

Connector installation GOTCHA!!  If you use the local GAC during development then a different version of the MySql Connectors in production via Web.config you will have issues.  Just make sure the version match.

As for the second approach and perhaps my preferred method, is to create an environment which is similar to that of the production environment at the hosting provider.

  1. no prescription isotretinoin and compile the Connectors.
  2. Copy the Release build of the Connectors to your Web Projects bin folder.
  3. Within Visual Studio’s Solution Explorer, highlight your project and select ‘Show All Files’. Within the ‘bin’ folder right click each MySQL.*.dll and select ‘Include In Project’. Then, right click each again and select ‘Properties’ where you’ll change the ‘Copy to Output Directory’ to ‘Copy always’.
    how to buy generic accutane
  4. Add project references if calls are made in code.
  5. Modify the Web.config

And that’s it for the second method.

The last thing I should mention is technically to use MySql all you need is the MySql.Data Assembly.  However, for completeness I chose to include all three assemblies available for the .Net Connector.


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  1. Done as same as above but still facing the same issue “Unable to find the requested .Net Framework Data Provider. It may not be installed.”

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