OneNote for Windows 10 is pre-installed in Windows 10 and are the default option for Office 2019 as it releases later this season. It is going to also be the default option for users that register to Office 365 following Office 2019 launches.

Users may create, search and insert for custom tags. Document viewing. Office files stored in the cloud could be seen and edited within OneNote. Course Notebooks.

OneNote 2016 is your version of OneNote that came with Office 2016 and Office 365. If you are using it today, you can keep doing so. Microsoft has ceased updating the program but will still continue to give aid, bug fixes, and security updates through October 2020 for Office 2016 Key service and October 2025 for prolonged support.

Moving from OneNote 2016 into OneNote for Windows 10

But, OneNote 2016 users will still need to become knowledgeable about exactly the same but distinct OneNote for Windows 10, or find out a new notetaking program that provides features that OneNote for Windows 10 lacks. Moving into another program is seldom enjoyable, but it is a standard part of life for anybody who remains current with modern technology. That me be authentic, but it is still a job that the majority of us want we did not need to perform.
You may get a very long list of OneNote for Windows 10 attributes which are not accessible OneNote 2016 here.

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Microsoft is sunsetting OneNote 2016 and softly pushing users to OneNote for Windows 10. The change hastens Microsoft from needing to develop two versions of the exact same program, but it jobs users of OneNote 2016 with moving into an unknown version of OneNote.

But, OneNote 2016 nevertheless has a range of attributes that OneNote for Windows 10 lacks. Many are scheduled for OneNote for Windows 10 and a few are not. Listed below are just three OneNote 2016 attributes that Microsoft intends to bring about OneNote for Windows 10 this summer.

You may facilitate the transition by using OneNote 2016 and OneNote for Windows 10 in precisely the exact same moment. OneNote 2016 stores notebooks onto the regional drive while OneNote for Windows 10 stores them in Microsoft’s cloud. It is possible to sync the 2 variations through a cloud link. Instructions for how to use OneNote for Windows 10 to transfer laptops from the regional drive into the cloud are available here.

If you want to find these features contained in OneNote for Windows 10, let Microsoft know employing the organization’s Feedback Hub.

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Produce Outlook Tasks on your notes Pin your preferred tunes into the Quick Access Toolbar Apply a template to webpages to Keep a Particular appearance or design Record movie Connect your notes to pages in Internet Explorer and Office documents Store laptops in your Regional hard disk rather than from the cloud, such as copies Support for third party COM add-ins

The way Both versions differ

Here are the attributes Microsoft lists as just available in OneNote 2016.
When you have changed and are familiar using OneNote for Windows 10, then you may safely delete OneNote 2016 out of your PC. Microsoft provides directions on how best to do that sometime in the long run.

If you presently use OneNote 2016 and upgrade to Office 2019, the upgrade will comprehend OneNote 2016 and leave it set up. You won’t find any shift. Similarly, Office 365 users that use OneNote 2016 will not observe any alteration after Office 2019 releases. In case OneNote for Windows 10 is set up as the default option, it may be substituted with OneNote 2016 in case you desire.
Microsoft is focusing on Just One variant of OneNote.