What You’ll Learn In This Tutorial

  • What email services are available with the Starter WordPress hosting package?
  • What is offered for managing your single Starter WordPress site?
  • How can you backup your site for disaster recovery?
  • Do you have access to your WordPress database and files?

How man times have you wanted to make a purchase but felt you needed more information.  The decision best for you may not be obvious.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there with buying our favorite gadget, buying software or subscribing to a subscription.

I’m excited to start a short series highlighting four base hosting packages which GoDaddy offers.  Two are Managed WordPress hosting packages and the other two are Shared Hosting packages.  The goal is to give you enough information to help you decide which hosting package is best for you.

With every hosting package there are several basic features that are important in having an adequate solution for doing business online.  First is an email address associated to your domain name.  Having an email is not critical but definitely desirable.  The Starter hosting package does not offer email services.  That’s right, no POP or Web email.  Fortunately, when you buy multiple products like a domain name and a hosting package GoDaddy gives you a free email forwarding plan.  This email forwarding plan gives you the ability to create an email alias which forwards to your primary email account (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo! or your ISP).  This is great for a base email address you can use on your site such as ‘[email protected]’.

Managed WordPress DomainsThe important aspect of this hosting package is the overall services.  The Starter hosting package only allows for the hosting of a single WordPress site.  The site can be a fresh install or migrated from an existing WordPress site.  You can have multiple domains or subdomains but each only point to your site as a URL alias.  This means any secondary domain name or subdomain can be used and will render the content of the primary domain.

The overall site management is very clean and straight forward with a single settings page.  There you can manage domains, backups, FTP access or delete the site and start over with a fresh install or migrating from an existing WordPress site.

Starter Managed WordPress BackupDisaster recovery is very important and often times overlooked.  The Starter hosting package backs up both your database and files every day for the previous 30 days.  The big drawback is the inability to force a backup but you can restore from any of the previous 30 backups.  Although, it’s a huge benefit removing the backup process from WordPress and letting the server perform this operation.

Lastly and most importantly you DO NOT HAVE WRITE ACCESS to all WordPress files via FTP.  Don’t worry, it’s for good reasons.  GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress is just that, “Managed.”  In creating an optimized WordPress environment they need exclusive control of certain files and in particular the Admin files.  You are more than welcome to copy the file but you cannot overwrite the files.  You can also still manually install WordPress Themes and Plugin to the content folders or add files to the upload folder with no concern.

Having said there are limitations to overwriting WordPress files it’s fair to say the Starter hosting package does provide phpMyAdmin for database management.  You can modify or export data with no issues.

I think the Starter Managed WordPress hosting is a great option for new websites while you start building content, generating traffic and start email list building.

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